„Am I odd? Is there something wrong with me, like Mrs. Tifton Said?"

Skye knelt down on the wet grass and looked straight into Batty's eyes. "No you stupid idiot, there's nothing wrong. with you.“

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Jeanne Birdsall
US-amerikanische Kinderbuchautorin 1951

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„I am able to approach the Buddhas barefoot and undisturbed, my feet in wet grass, wet sand.“

—  Thomas Merton Priest and author 1915 - 1968
Context: I am able to approach the Buddhas barefoot and undisturbed, my feet in wet grass, wet sand. Then the silence of the extraordinary faces. The great smiles. Huge and yet subtle. Filled with every possibility, questioning nothing, knowing everything, rejecting nothing, the peace not of emotional resignation but of Madhyamika, of sunyata, that has seen through every question without trying to discredit anyone or anything — without refutation — without establishing some other argument. For the doctrinaire, the mind that needs well-established positions, such peace, such silence, can be frightening. The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton (1975) Part One : Ceylon / November 29 - December 6.

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„Empathize with stupidity and you’re halfway to thinking like an idiot.“

—  Iain Banks, Culture series
Culture series, Consider Phlebas (1987), Chapter 2 “The Hand of God 137” (p. 27).

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