„Conquer yourself rather than the world.“

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René Descartes61
französischer Philosoph, Mathematiker und Naturwissenschaft… 1596 - 1650

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„There are no more worlds to conquer!“

—  Alexander the Great King of Macedon -356 - -323 v.Chr
Statement portrayed as a quotation in a 1927 Reader's Digest article, this probably derives from traditions about Alexander lamenting at his father Philip's victories that there would be no conquests left for him, or that after his conquests in Egypt and Asia there were no worlds left to conquer. Some of the oldest accounts of this, as quoted by John Calvin state that on "hearing that there were other worlds, wept that he had not yet conquered one." This may originate from Plutarch's essay On the Tranquility of Mind, part of the essays Moralia: Alexander wept when he heard Anaxarchus discourse about an infinite number of worlds, and when his friends inquired what ailed him, "Is it not worthy of tears," he said, "that, when the number of worlds is infinite, we have not yet become lords of a single one?" http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Plutarch/Moralia/De_tranquillitate_animi*.html There are no more other worlds to conquer! Variant attributed as his "last words" at a few sites on the internet, but in no published sources.

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„The world is coming to a beginning rather than an end.“

—  Paul Glover Community organizer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; American politician 1947
Context: “The world is coming to a beginning rather than an end. We have the knowledge, tools, creativity, and capital to proceed. Our challenge is merely to begin where we live, with whatever capabilities are at hand.” http://www.paulglover.org/metroeco.html (Metropolitan Ecology syllabus, section 7, Temple University), April 2007

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„The United States is... a warning rather than an example to the world.“

—  Lydia Maria Child American abolitionist, author and women's rights activist 1802 - 1880
To the twenty-fifth-anniversary meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society (1857)

„The world economy diffuses rather than concentrates wealth.“

—  Robert Gilpin Political scientist 1930
Chapter Three, Dynamics Of Political Economy, p. 85

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„Toil conquered the world, unrelenting toil“

—  Virgil Ancient Roman poet -70 - -19 v.Chr
Context: Toil conquered the world, unrelenting toil, and want that pinches when life is hard. Book I, lines 145–146 (tr. H. Rushton Fairclough). Compare: Labor omnia vincit ("Work conquers all"), the state motto of Oklahoma.

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„The two greatest characters in the 19th century are Napoleon and Helen Keller. Napoleon tried to conquer the world by physical force and failed. Helen tried to conquer the world by power of mind — and succeeded!“

—  Helen Keller American author and political activist 1880 - 1968
Mark Twain, as quoted in A.A.S.A. Official Report, (1937) by the American Association of School Administrators, p. 65

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