„Books have the same enemies as people: fire, humidity, animals, weather, and their own content.“

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Paul Valéry Foto
Paul Valéry5
französischer Philosoph, Essayist, Schriftsteller und Lyrik… 1871 - 1945

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Gene Wolfe Foto

„Animals in zoos (we are told) believe that their bars protect them. We Americans have forged our own bars, built our own cage, and live in it more or less content as long as someone feeds us.“

—  Gene Wolfe American science fiction and fantasy writer 1931 - 2019

The Best of Gene Wolfe (2009), afterword to "Petting Zoo", p. 432

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John Cowper Powys Foto

„Man is the animal who weeps and laughs — and writes. If the first Prometheus brought fire from heaven in a fennel-stalk, the last will take it back — in a book.“

—  John Cowper Powys British writer, lecturer and philosopher 1872 - 1963

The Pleasures of Literature (1938), p. 17 <!-- London: Cassell -->

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Jerome K. Jerome Foto
Wayne Pacelle Foto

„Animals have their own rights. We’re animals too.“

—  Wayne Pacelle American activist 1965

"Sabotaging Animal Rights for Deer Hunt," 1986

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E. B. White Foto
David Brin Foto

„Loneliness, her arch enemy, never seemed content.“

—  David Brin, buch Glory Season

Quelle: Glory Season (1993), Chapter 9 (p. 150)

Harlan Coben Foto

„You bring your own weather to the picnic.“

—  Harlan Coben, buch Caught

Quelle: Caught

Lyndon B. Johnson Foto

„Our enemies have always made the same mistake.“

—  Lyndon B. Johnson American politician, 36th president of the United States (in office from 1963 to 1969) 1908 - 1973

1960s, Inaugural address (1965)
Kontext: Our enemies have always made the same mistake. In my lifetime—in depression and in war—they have awaited our defeat. Each time, from the secret places of the American heart, came forth the faith they could not see or that they could not even imagine. It brought us victory. And it will again. For this is what America is all about. It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge. It is the star that is not reached and the harvest sleeping in the unplowed ground. Is our world gone? We say "Farewell." Is a new world coming? We welcome it—and we will bend it to the hopes of man.

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