„I'm Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and things I hate… I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future… never really thought about it. As for my hobbies… I have lots of hobbies.“

—  Masashi Kishimoto, buch Naruto

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Masashi Kishimoto Foto
Masashi Kishimoto1
japanischer Mangaka 1974

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Nate Diaz Foto

„Hey. On my worst day, I'll train for two hours. You know what I'm saying? Like, I don't have hobbies. I don't have too many hobbies. I'm always working, I'm always training.“

—  Nate Diaz American mixed martial artist 1985

As quoted in "Nate Diaz discusses win over Conor McGregor" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg6NkqFPOyY (5 March 2016), UFC on FOX, FOX

Richelle Mead Foto
James Patterson Foto
Richelle Mead Foto
George Carlin Foto
Laurell K. Hamilton Foto

„I enjoy my anger, it’s the only hobby I have.“

—  Laurell K. Hamilton, buch Cerulean Sins

Quelle: Cerulean Sins

Richard Rodríguez Foto

„The most important thing I learned in college about the rich is that they pursue hobbies“

—  Richard Rodríguez American journalist and essayist 1944

Brown : The Last Discovery of America (2003)

Katherine Heigl Foto

„The only thing I care about is whether a monkey will turn out a property I can publish. I don't have any love for them. Never have. I don't really like animals. I despise cats. I hate dogs. How could you like monkeys?“

—  Harry Harlow American psychologist 1905 - 1981

Interview with Pittsburgh Press-Roto, 1974. Quoted in Blum, Deborah. The Monkey Wars. Oxford University Press, 1994, p. 92.

Yohji Yamamoto Foto
Owen Wilson Foto
Krist Novoselic Foto

„I do feel like, kinda like a misfit; usually I feel, inside, I'm a misfit. Like, I don't really watch sports, or a lot of…“

—  Krist Novoselic Croatian-American rock musician 1965

"Nirvana's Krist Novoselic on Punk, Politics, & Why He Dumped the Dems" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4TPRH2uK9w

Zooey Deschanel Foto

„I don't think I'm very much like anyone else, really. I'm sure there are aspects of other actors that I share, but I don't see anybody else and go, "Damn, they stole my thing." I'm me, and I like that there are people who have an appreciation for that.“

—  Zooey Deschanel American actress, musician, and singer-songwriter 1980

As quoted in " From A to Zooey http://www.fedge.net/~zdeschanel/articles/bostonglobe-2-23-03.html" in The Boston Globe (23 February 2003).

Sam Shepard Foto
Ming-Na Wen Foto

„I'm not one of those actresses that's going to feel like I never achieved my dreams and goals and just get disgruntled and hate everything about the business. I've had so much fun.“

—  Ming-Na Wen Macau-born American actress 1963

From ‘Street Fighter’ to ‘ER’ : After ‘Joy Luck Club,’ Actress Ming-Na Wen Finds Diversity in Career Roles https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1994-12-20-ca-11142-story.html (December 20, 1994)

Jack Osbourne Foto

„I have a tendency to really stuff things. I don't really express, you know? Like, express certain feelings and stuff.“

—  Jack Osbourne Son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne 1985

MTV.com Jack Talks About His Addiction and Recovery

Avril Lavigne Foto

„I know my fans look up to me and that's why I make my songs so personal; it's all about things I've experienced and things I like or hate. I write for myself and hope that my fans like what I have to say.“

—  Avril Lavigne Canadian singer-songwriter and actress 1984

"Avril Lavigne Over the Hedge Interview" https://www.girl.com.au/avril-lavigne-over-the-hedge-interview.htm by Gaynor Flynn, in Girl.com.au (July 2006)

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