„It is by being fully involved with every detail of our lives, whether good or bad, that we find happiness, not by trying to look for it directly.“

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi Foto
Mihály Csíkszentmihályi3
US-amerikanischer Psychologe 1934

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Swami Vivekananda Foto
Swami Vivekananda Foto
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„Being a good administrator and a bad politician, Pombal was not always a happy legislator.“

—  Francisco Luís Gomes Indo-Portuguese physician, writer, historian, economist, political scientist and MP in the Portuguese parliament. 1829 - 1869
Le marquis de Pombal (1869), Le Marquis de Pombal, p. 374

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„For me there’s no good or bad, as long as I’m feeling everything to the greatest degree, whether it’s sadness or happiness.“

—  Paz de la Huerta American actress 1984
Blackbookmag interview http://www.blackbookmag.com/movies/paz-de-la-huerta-bares-all-1.28620

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„Trying too hard to be too good, even when trying to be bad, is too good for the bad, too bad for the good.“

—  Dejan Stojanovic poet, writer, and businessman 1959
From the poems written in English, Imperfection http://www.poetrysoup.com/famous/poem/21399/Imperfection

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Buckminster Fuller Foto

„I do not look upon human beings as good or bad.“

—  Buckminster Fuller American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist 1895 - 1983
From 1980s onwards, Grunch of Giants (1983), Context: I do not look upon human beings as good or bad. I don't think of my feet as a right foot and a wrong foot. … I am a student of the effectiveness of the technological evolution in its all unexpected alterations of the preoccupations of humanity and in its all unexpected alterings of human behaviors and prospects.

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Eugéne Ionesco Foto

„People always try to find base motives behind every good action.“

—  Eugéne Ionesco Romanian playwright 1909 - 1994
The Paris Review interview (1984), Context: People always try to find base motives behind every good action. We are afraid of pure goodness and of pure evil.

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