„OKAY. So I was going to the library every Saturday. So what? So what? It's not like I was reading books or anything.“

—  Gary D. Schmidt, buch Okay for Now

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„I wanted to have a voice, and it was okay if I wasn't going to be so famous or so rich.“

—  Salma Hayek Mexican-American actress and producer 1966

O interview (2003)
Kontext: I wanted to have a voice, and it was okay if I wasn't going to be so famous or so rich. And this the one thing I learned: How do you recognize what's your true dream and what is the dream that you are dreaming for other people to love you? … The difference is very easy to understand. If you enjoy the process, it's your dream. … If you are enduring the process, just desperate for the result, it's somebody else's dream.

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„There are so many books I mean to read, and things I mean to see.“

—  Anne Rice, buch Merrick

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„A script is only the beginning of the process. But with books, what you write is exactly what people read. So as a writer, that's very satisfying.“

—  D.J. MacHale American television director and producer 1955

Quelle: AME with D.J. MacHale https://www.reddit.com/r/AreYouAfraidOfTheDark/comments/l875no/ame_with_dj_machale/ (January 29, 2021)

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