„Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.“

—  Toni Morrison, buch Beloved

Quelle: Beloved

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US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin und Literaturnobelpreistr… 1931 - 2019

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Toni Morrison Foto

„A defining mark of poetry is that it defies definition.“

—  Dennis O'Driscoll Irish poet, critic 1954 - 2012

Introduction - ' The Bloodaxe Book of Poetry Quotations' ed. Dennis O'Driscoll 2006
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„Every definition implies an axiom, since it asserts the existence of the object defined.“

—  Henri Poincaré, buch Science and Method

Part II. Ch. 2 : Mathematical Definitions and Education, p. 131
Science and Method (1908)
Kontext: Every definition implies an axiom, since it asserts the existence of the object defined. The definition then will not be justified, from the purely logical point of view, until we have proved that it involves no contradiction either in its terms or with the truths previously admitted.

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„The core of a root definition of a system will be a transformation process (T), the means by which defined inputs are transformed into defined outputs. The transformation will include the direct object of the main activity verbs subsequently required to describe the system.“

—  Peter Checkland British management scientist 1930

Quelle: Systems Thinking, Systems Practice, 1981, p. 223 as cited in: Gillian Ragsdell, Daune West, Jennifer Wilby (2002) Systems Theory and Practice in the Knowledge Age. p. 82. In the original quote Checkland summarised his earlier work with Smyth published in 1976.

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„A definition may be very exact, and yet go but a very little way towards informing us of the nature of the thing defined.“

—  Edmund Burke, buch A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful

Introduction On Taste
A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful (1757)

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„Art is the reason I get up in the morning, but the definition ends there. It doesn't seem fair that I'm living for something I can't even define.“

—  Ani DiFranco musician and activist 1970

Out of Habit
Song lyrics
Variante: Art is why I get up in the morning; my definition ends there.
You know it doesn't seem fair,
That I'm living for something I can't even define.
And there you are right there, in the mean time.

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„To be a prisoner means to be defined as a member of a group for whom the rules of what can be done to you, of what is seen as abuse of you, are reduced as part of the definition of your status.“

—  Catharine A. MacKinnon American feminist and legal activist 1946

"Francis Biddle's Sister: Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech" (1984), p. 170
Feminism Unmodified: Discourses on Life and Law (1987)

„CAPM also makes use of what is called a "definitional identity." This is something that is automatically true, simply because of the way things have been defined.“

—  Robert Haugen American economist 1942 - 2013

Quelle: The Inefficient Stock Market - What Pays Off And Why (1999), Chapter 2, Estimating Expected Return with the Theories of Modern Finance, p. 16

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„I do know without fear of contradiction what the definition of life is and it is 12 words long. 'Life is defined by how much you improve the lives of others.“

—  Keith Olbermann American sports and political commentator 1959

" Senior Convocation Speech http://www.news.cornell.edu/campus/Olbermann_speech.html," Cornell University (1998-05-23)

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