„Poems are never finished - just abandoned“


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Paul Valéry Foto
Paul Valéry5
französischer Philosoph, Essayist, Schriftsteller und Lyrik… 1871 - 1945

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„A book is never finished; it's abandoned.“

—  Gene Fowler American journalist 1890 - 1960

Quoted in H. Allen Smith's The Life and Legend of Gene Fowler (1977); as cited by Paul Dickson (1990), The New Official Rules, p. 74

Leonardo Da Vinci Foto

„Art is never finished, only abandoned.“

—  Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath 1452 - 1519

Variante: Art is never finished, only abandoned.

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Paul Valéry Foto

„A poem is never finished; it's always an accident that puts a stop to it-that is to say, gives it to the public.“

—  Paul Valéry French poet, essayist, and philosopher 1871 - 1945

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„The poem, even when it has some predetermined pattern, must be wrought to some effect or finish that justifies the exclamation: This is a poem!“

—  Herbert Read English anarchist, poet, and critic of literature and art 1893 - 1968

What is a Poem - Endword - Selected Poems (1926)

„I often find poems hand written in old abandoned notebooks.“

—  Dermot Healy Irish writer 1947 - 2014

Penguin Group (2013) A Conversation with Dermot Healy http://www.us.penguingroup.com/static/rguides/us/long_time_no_see.html, Penguin US, accessed May 5, 2013

Gerrit Benner Foto

„A painting is good if it is not finished. Just like ideas. Finished ideas are dead… Everything is floating, just as in life – also life will never get ready.“

—  Gerrit Benner Dutch painter 1897 - 1981

translation from Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek, 2018, version in original Dutch (citaat van Gerrit Benner, in het Nederlands:) Een schilderij is goed als het niet af is. Net als bij ideeën. Ideeën die af zijn, zijn dood.. .Alles vloeit, net als in het leven – dat komt ook nooit klaar.
Quote of Gerrit Benner, in: Gerrit Benner, G. Westenberg en E. van Dooren , Harlingen 2005, p. 4; as cited in Lucht in de Nederlandse kunst sinds 1850 https://www.franshalsmuseum.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Catalogus_Lucht.pdf, Antoon Erftemeijer; catalogue of Frans Halsmuseum Haarlem, 2014, p 45
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Frank O'Hara Foto

„It is even in
prose, I am a real poet. My poem
is finished and I haven't mentioned
orange yet It's twelve poems, I call
it oranges.“

—  Frank O'Hara American poet, art critic and writer 1926 - 1966

Why I Am Not a Painter (l. 24-28) (1976).

„Nature is never finished.“

—  Robert Smithson American artist 1938 - 1973

Cultural Confinement, 1972

Ernest Hemingway Foto

„Scott took LITERATURE so solemnly. He never understood that it was just writing as well as you can and finishing what you start.“

—  Ernest Hemingway American author and journalist 1899 - 1961

Letter to Arthur Mizener (12 May 1950); published in Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters 1917–1961 (1981) edited by Carlos Baker

Richard Brautigan Foto

„A friend came over to the house
a few days ago and read one of my poems.
He came back today and asked to read the
same poem over again. After he finished
reading it, he said, "It makes me want to write poetry."“

—  Richard Brautigan American novelist, poet, and short story writer 1935 - 1984

"Hey! This Is What It's All About"
The Pill Versus the Springhill Mining Disaster

Annie Besant Foto

„There is no suffering for him who has finished his journey, and abandoned grief, who has freed him self on all sides, and thrown off all fetters.“

—  Annie Besant British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator 1847 - 1933

p. 162

„For our stories are not yet finished, and perhaps will never be.“

—  Piers Anthony English-American writer in the science fiction and fantasy genres 1934

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„What happens at the beginning of your poem has to—because it’s a poem—be transformed by the end of your poem. So if the triggering moment for the beginning of your poem is a known political moment, I am fine with that, that’s great. But as I’m reading, I expect it to change because that was just the trigger…“

—  Jericho Brown American writer 1976

On how poems might be structured around a political theme in “JERICHO BROWN in conversation with MICHAEL DUMANIS” http://www.benningtonreview.org/jericho-brown-interview in Bennington Review (2018 Oct 27)

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