„My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer;
A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go.“

—  Robert Burns, My Heart's in the Highlands

My Heart's in the Highlands, st. 1
Johnson's The Scots Musical Museum (1787-1796)

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Robert Burns Foto
Robert Burns1
schottischer Schriftsteller und Poet 1759 - 1796

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Richard Lovelace Foto

„Then Love, I beg, when next thou takest thy bow,
Thy angry shafts, and dost heart-chasing go,
Pass rascal deer, strike me the largest doe.“

—  Richard Lovelace English writer and poet 1617 - 1658

La Bella Bona Roba (l. 13–15).
Lucasta (1649)

Karen Blixen Foto
George William Russell Foto

„We are desert leagues apart;
Time is misty ages now
Since the warmth of heart to heart
Chased the shadows from my brow.“

—  George William Russell Irish writer, editor, critic, poet, and artistic painter 1867 - 1935

The Nuts of Knowledge (1903)

Richelle Mead Foto
Juliet Marillier Foto
Robert Burns Foto
Homér Foto

„You wine sack, with a dog's eyes, with a deer's heart.“

—  Homér, Ilias

I. 225 (tr. Richmond Lattimore); Achilles to Agamemnon.
Iliad (c. 750 BC)
Original: (el) Οἰνοβαρές, κυνὸς ὄμματ' ἔχων, κραδίην δ' ἐλάφοιο.

Tori Amos Foto
William Shakespeare Foto

„Can I go forward when my heart is here?“

—  William Shakespeare, buch Romeo und Julia

Quelle: Romeo and Juliet

Rick Riordan Foto
Joanna Newsom Foto
Robert Louis Stevenson Foto
Thomas Campbell Foto
Vachel Lindsay Foto

„Star of my heart, I follow from afar.“

—  Vachel Lindsay American poet 1879 - 1931

Star Of My Heart (1913)
Kontext: Star of my heart, I follow from afar.
Sweet Love on high, lead on where shepherds are,
Where Time is not, and only dreamers are.
Star from of old, the Magi-Kings are dead
And a foolish Saxon seeks the manger-bed.
O lead me to Jehovah's child
Across this dreamland lone and wild,
Then will I speak this prayer unsaid,
And kiss his little haloed head—
"My star and I, we love thee, little child."

„I have followed my ear and my heart, which may be false. I hope not.“

—  F. S. Flint English Imagist poet 1885 - 1960

Preface, In the Net of Stars, 1909
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Jânio Quadros Foto

„Your place is here, in my heart.“

—  Jânio Quadros Brazilian politician 1917 - 1992

To an old friend who demanded a place in his cabinet
"One Man's Cup of Coffee," Time Magazine profile (June 30, 1961)

Confucius Foto

„I followed my heart without breaking any rules.“

—  Confucius Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher -551 - -479 v.Chr

Billy Ray Cyrus Foto

„Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart.
I just don't think it'd understand.
And if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart, he might blow up and kill this man.“

—  Billy Ray Cyrus American singer-songwriter, actor and film producer 1961

Achy Breaky Heart
Song lyrics, Some Gave All (1992)

Aurelius Augustinus Foto

„To my God a heart of flame; To my fellow man a heart of love; To myself a heart of steel.“

—  Aurelius Augustinus early Christian theologian and philosopher 354 - 430

Attributed to Augustine by many sources on line, but without an actual reference.

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