„If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.“

— Tony Benn, Interview with Michael Moore in the movie Sicko (2007).

Tony Benn Foto
Tony Benn
britischer Politiker 1925 - 2014

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Jane Goodall Foto

„Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved.“

— Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall: 40 Years at Gombe
Reported in Patti Denys, Mary Holmes, Animal Magnetism: At Home With Celebrities & Their Animal Companions (1998), p. 106

J. Paul Getty Foto

„If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.“

— J. Paul Getty American industrialist 1892 - 1976
As quoted by Robert Lenzner in his book, The Great Getty (1985)

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Margaret Thatcher Foto

„There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers’ money.“

— Margaret Thatcher British stateswoman and politician 1925 - 2013
Context: Let us never forget this fundamental truth: the State has no source of money other than money which people earn themselves. If the State wishes to spend more it can do so only by borrowing your savings or by taxing you more. It is no good thinking that someone else will pay – that ‘someone else’ is you. There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers’ money. [http://www.margaretthatcher.org/document/105454 Speech to Conservative Party Conference (14 October 1983)]

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T.S. Eliot Foto

„Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.“

— T.S. Eliot 20th century English author 1888 - 1965
Preface to Transit of Venus: Poems by Harry Crosby (1931)

Ozzy Osbourne Foto

„I keep hearing this [expletive] thing that guns don't kill people, but people kill people.“

— Ozzy Osbourne English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter 1948
SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 1998: QUESTIONS FOR; Ozzy Osbourne New York Times.

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Berenice Abbott Foto

„Photography helps people to see.“

— Berenice Abbott American photographer 1898 - 1991

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