„The top two movies at the box office this weekend were 'High School Musical 3' and 'Saw V.'

One movie features gruesome onscreen torture that is difficult to watch and the other is about a guy with a saw.“

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Conan O’Brien
US-amerikanischer Fernsehmoderator und Entertainer 1963

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„It's high school, man. They compare it to prison in the movie.“

—  Eliza Dushku American actress 1980
Eliza Dushku Interview - "The New Guy" http://movies.about.com/library/weekly/aa050202b.htm by Rebecca Murray and Fred Topel.

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„I can saw a woman in two.
But you won't want to look in the box when I do“

—  Warren Zevon American singer-songwriter 1947 - 2003
Life'll Kill Ya (2000), "For My Next Trick I'll Need A Volunteer"

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„I just decided to make a movie. I had no training, no film school, but I had been to a lot of movies.“

—  Michael Moore American filmmaker, author, social critic, and liberal activist 1954
2009, As quoted in "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" (23 June 2007)

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„Sure, Kill Bills a violent movie. But it's a Tarantino movie. You don't go to see Metallica and ask the fuckers to turn the music down.“

—  Quentin Tarantino American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor 1963
Quentin Tarantino on media criticisms of violence in his movies.

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