„If privacy had a gravestone it might read: “Don't Worry. This Was for Your Own Good.”“

—  John Twelve Hawks, buch The Dark River

Quelle: Fourth Realm Trilogy (2005-2009), The Dark River (2007)

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John Twelve Hawks Foto
John Twelve Hawks
US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller

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Zach Braff Foto

„But don't worry… only yours is right.“

—  Zach Braff American actor, director, screenwriter, producer 1975

Replying to a tweet stating "There are almost 5,000 gods being worshipped by humanity." https://twitter.com/zachbraff/status/254965828762624001

Richard Feynman Foto

„Jiry, don't worry about anything. Go out and have a good time.“

—  Richard Feynman American theoretical physicist 1918 - 1988

Quelle: No Ordinary Genius (1994), p. 252, last words to his artist friend Jirayr Zorthian, as recalled by Zorthian in "No Ordinary Genius" (1993): video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzg1CU8t9nw&t=1h33m22s

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Klaus Barbie Foto

„Don't worry. Your friends are dead and you are going to join them.“

—  Klaus Barbie SS-Hauptsturmführer, soldier and Gestapo member 1913 - 1991

To Blandon from "Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyons" - Page 63 - by Tom Bower - Biography & Autobiography - 1984

Arianna Huffington Foto

„When your house is burning down, you don't worry about the remodeling.“

—  Arianna Huffington Greek-American author and syndicated columnist 1950

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, unspecified episode

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Epicurus Foto

„Don't fear god,
Don't worry about death;
What is good is easy to get, and
What is terrible is easy to endure.“

—  Epicurus ancient Greek philosopher -341 - -269 v.Chr

The "Tetrapharmakos" [τετραφάρμακος], or "The four-part cure" of Epicurus, from the "Herculaneum Papyrus", 1005, 4.9–14 of Philodemus, as translated in The Epicurus Reader: Selected Writings and Testimonia (1994) edited by D. S. Hutchinson, p. vi
Original: (el) Ἄφοβον ὁ θεός,
ἀνύποπτον ὁ θάνατος
καὶ τἀγαθὸν μὲν εὔκτητον,
τὸ δὲ δεινὸν εὐεκκαρτέρητον

„Privacy is something that we maintain for the good of ourselves and others.“

—  Mary Alice Monroe American writer 1960

The Beach House (2002) https://books.google.com/books?id=v6uo7dNROXoC&pg=PA133&lpg=PA133&dq=%E2%80%9CPrivacy+is+something+that+we+maintain+for+the+good+of+ourselves+and+others.%E2%80%9D&source=bl&ots=_xMbHZa8l6&sig=g9FWtKtkgvO11eTz7ffeYnuyMPE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiguMnRndfKAhVQ2mMKHc3nCxUQ6AEILjAD#v=onepage&q=%E2%80%9CPrivacy%20is%20something%20that%20we%20maintain%20for%20the%20good%20of%20ourselves%20and%20others.%E2%80%9D&f=false

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Peter Greenaway Foto

„Don't worry about those Jewish bastards. You'll soon be on your way up the chimney and your troubles will be over.“

—  Heinrich Baab German Gestapo officer 1908

To mothers, who were worried about the fate of their children. Quoted in "Gestapo: Instrument of Tyranny" - Page 118 - by Edward Crankshaw - History - 1956

William S. Burroughs Foto

„Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful — be concerned with doing good work and make the right choices and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually, that name will be its own currency.“

—  William S. Burroughs American novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, and spoken word performer 1914 - 1997

Recounted by Patti Smith in an Interview by Christian Lund http://vimeo.com/57857893, the Louisiana Literature festival August 24, 2012, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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James Mattis Foto

„When you were the commander of the Central Command, how much time, worry did you have on Iran? Was that your primary concern?
I don't have worry and stress. I cause worry and stress.“

—  James Mattis 26th and current United States Secretary of Defense; United States Marine Corps general 1950

CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer and James Mattis on July 20, 2013, in an interview conducted live on CNN about Mattis, his experiences as a senior commander in the Marine Corps, and his perspectives on modern issues of defense.

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