„Most hatred is based on fear, one way or another. Yeah. I wrapped myself in anger, with a dash of hate, and at the bottom of it all was an icy center of pure terror.“

—  Laurell K. Hamilton, buch Guilty Pleasures

Quelle: Guilty Pleasures

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Laurell K. Hamilton
US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin 1963

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„Of all the objects of hatred, a woman once loved is the most hateful.“

—  Max Beerbohm English writer 1872 - 1956

Quelle: Zuleika Dobson http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext99/zdbsn11.txt (1911), Ch. XIII

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„I had anger but never hate. Before the war, I was too busy studying to hate. After the war, I thought, What's the use? To hate would be to reduce myself.“

—  Elie Wiesel writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor 1928 - 2016

Interview in O : The Oprah Magazine (November 2000)

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„Hatred is the anger of the weak.“

—  Alphonse Daudet French novelist 1840 - 1897

La haine, c'est la colère des faibles!
Lettres de mon Moulin (1869; repr. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1882) p. 19; John P. Macgregor (trans.) Letters from My Mill (New York: Taplinger, 1967) p. 18.

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„Love is the master-key that opens the gates of happiness, of hatred, of jealousy, and, most easily of all, the gate of fear. How terrible is the one fact of beauty!“

—  Oliver Wendell Holmes Poet, essayist, physician 1809 - 1894

A Mortal Antipathy (1885) This statement is often misquoted as "Love is the master-key that opens the gates of happiness".

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„What hope has any endeavor which is based on hate and fear?“

—  David Brin, buch Glory Season

Introduction to Chapter 12 (p. 191)
Glory Season (1993)

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