„Every problem has a solution, although it may not be the outcome that was originally hoped for or expected.“

—  Alice Hoffman, buch Practical Magic

Quelle: Practical Magic

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Alice Hoffman
US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin 1952

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„If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact, not to be solved, but to be coped with over time.“

—  Shimon Peres Israeli politician, 8th prime minister and 9th president of Israel 1923 - 2016

As quoted by Donald Rumsfeld in "Sharon's Victory" (link is to a preview, but the quote is in the first few visible lines) https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB981508176687515426, Wall Street Journal (7 February 2001)

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„Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992

"How Easy to See the Future", Natural History magazine (April 1975);
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„Design may be a solution to some industrial problems.“

—  Charles Eames American designer, half of duo the Eames 1907 - 1978

In answer of the question: Is Design a craft for industrial purposes?

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„And that’s another reason I don’t want contact between your species and mine. You’re all Crazy Eddies. You think every problem has a solution.“

—  Larry Niven, buch The Mote in God's Eye

Quelle: The Mote in God's Eye (1974), Chapter 37 “History Lesson” (p. 370; spoken by an alien to an earthman)

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George H. W. Bush Foto

„Think about every problem, every challenge, we face. The solution to each starts with education.“

—  George H. W. Bush American politician, 41st President of the United States 1924 - 2018

Announcement of the America 2000 Education Strategy (18 April 1991) What Work Requires of Schools Pg 2 http://wdr.doleta.gov/SCANS/whatwork/whatwork.pdf.

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„Every gift of noble origin
Is breathed upon by Hope’s perpetual breath.“

—  William Wordsworth English Romantic poet 1770 - 1850

These Times strike Monied Worldlings.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)
Variante: Every gift of noble origin
Is breathed upon by Hope’s perpetual breath.

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„The invention process is a great exercise for kids. It compels them to define an actual problem, formulate an original solution, develop a product, and share the results or products with their friends and peers.“

—  Bill Nye American science educator, comedian, television host, actor, writer, scientist and former mechanical engineer 1955

[NewsBank, Nurturing the inventor in your child, Southwest Times Record, Fort Smith, Arkansas, August 25, 2000, Pam Cloud Smith]

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„The class of "No technical solution problems" has members. My thesis is that the "population problem," as conventionally conceived, is a member of this class.“

—  Garrett Hardin American ecologist 1915 - 2003

Tragedy of the Commons ( read on-line http://science.sciencemag.org/content/162/3859/1243.full), 1968.
Tragedy of the Commons (1968)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“