„You deserve to need me, not to have me.“

—  Augusten Burroughs, buch Running with Scissors

Quelle: Running with Scissors

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Augusten Burroughs Foto
Augusten Burroughs
US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Journalist 1965

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Stephen Fry Foto

„I don't need you to remind me of my age, I have a bladder to do that for me.“

—  Stephen Fry English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist 1957

"Trefusis Returns!" in Paperweight (1993) p. 279.
Originally printed in The Daily Telegraph circa 1990.

50 Cent Foto

„I need you to pray for me; I need you to care for me. I need you to want me to win. I need to know where I'm heading, because I know where I've been.“

—  50 Cent American rapper, actor, businessman, investor and television producer 1975

Don't Push Me
Song lyrics, Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003)

Joyce Carol Oates Foto

„My self is all to me. I don't have any need of you.“

—  Joyce Carol Oates American author 1938

Quelle: I Lock My Door Upon Myself

Patricia A. McKillip Foto

„Do you care for me at all? Or do you only need me?“

—  Patricia A. McKillip, buch Winter Rose

Quelle: Winter Rose (1996), Chapter 21, p. 212.

Richelle Mead Foto
James Brown Foto

„Try me. Try me.
And your love will always be true.
Oh I need you (I need you).
Hold me. Hold me.
I want you right here by my side.
Hold me. Hold me.
And your love we won't hide.“

—  James Brown American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist 1933 - 2006

Try Me, from Please Please Please (album) (1959)
Song lyrics

Vasco Rossi Foto
Rainer Maria Rilke Foto
Paul McCartney Foto

„Will you still need me,
will you still feed me,
when I'm sixty-four?“

—  Paul McCartney English singer-songwriter and composer 1942

"When I'm Sixty-Four" from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
Lyrics, The Beatles

Patrick Rothfuss Foto

„I need you to breathe for me.“

—  Patrick Rothfuss, buch The Wise Man's Fear

Quelle: The Wise Man's Fear

Emil M. Cioran Foto
Carole King Foto
Brandon Boyd Foto

„On the surface you hate, but you know you need me.“

—  Brandon Boyd American rock singer, writer and visual artist 1976

Lyrics, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1997)

Diana Gabaldon Foto

„You dinna need to understand me, Sassenach," he said quietly. "So long as you love me.“

—  Diana Gabaldon, buch Dragonfly in Amber

Quelle: Dragonfly in Amber

Groucho Marx Foto
Yeo Bee Yin Foto

„In my Ministry, you don't need to know me. You only need to know how. Knowing me will not give you an advantage in any project. Make sure you know how.“

—  Yeo Bee Yin Malaysian Politician 1983

Yeo Bee Yin (2018) cited in " Yeo: You don't need to know me, you need to know how https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/07/12/yeo-you-dont-need-to-know-me-you-need-to-know-how/" on The Star Online, 12 July 2018

Lil Peep Foto
Ed Harcourt Foto

„And if you need to kiss me. Then you'll most definitely miss me. When I'm gone.“

—  Ed Harcourt British musician 1977

She Fell Into My Arms

Douglas Adams Foto

„You just come along with me and have a good time. The Galaxy's a fun place. You'll need to have this fish in your ear.“

—  Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy pentalogy

Quelle: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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