„And yet it takes only the smallest pleasure or pain to teach us time’s malleability.“

—  Julian Barnes, buch Vom Ende einer Geschichte

Quelle: The Sense of an Ending

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Julian Barnes Foto
Julian Barnes2
britischer Schriftsteller 1946

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Mwanandeke Kindembo Foto

„Do you think it takes true pain to experience true pleasure?“

—  Gena Showalter American writer 1975

Quelle: Oh My Goth

Ambeth R. Ocampo Foto
William Cowper Foto

„There is a pleasure in poetic pains
Which only poets know.“

—  William Cowper, The Task

Quelle: The Task (1785), Book II, The Timepiece, Line 285.

Honoré de Balzac Foto

„For pain is perhaps but a violent pleasure? Who could determine the point where pleasure becomes pain, where pain is still a pleasure? Is not the utmost brightness of the ideal world soothing to us, while the lightest shadows of the physical world annoy?“

—  Honoré de Balzac French writer 1799 - 1850

Le mal n'est peut-être qu'un violent plaisir. Qui pourrait déterminer le point où la volupté devient un mal et celui où le mal est encore la volupté ? Les plus vives lumières du monde idéal ne caressent-elles pas la vue, tandis que les plus douces ténèbres du monde physique la blessent toujours.
The Wild Ass’s Skin (1831), Part I: The Talisman

John Keats Foto

„Pleasure is oft a visitant; but pain
Clings cruelly to us.“

—  John Keats, Endymion

Bk. I, l. 906
Endymion (1818)

Anthony Robbins Foto
Sri Aurobindo Foto
Algernon Charles Swinburne Foto
Baba Hari Dass Foto

„Pleasure has desire in it. Desire is pain. There is no satisfaction. So pleasure is pain.“

—  Baba Hari Dass master yogi, author, builder, commentator of Indian spiritual tradition 1923 - 2018

Quelle: The Yellow Book, 1974, p.65

Mwanandeke Kindembo Foto
Mark Twain Foto
Jonathan Stroud Foto
Socrates Foto
Frederick William Robertson Foto

„Nothing satisfies God but the voluntary sacrifice of love. The pain of Christ gave God no pleasure — only the love that was tested by pain — the love of perfect obedience.“

—  Frederick William Robertson British writer and theologian 1816 - 1853

Quelle: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), P. 401.

John Locke Foto
Sigmund Freud Foto

„A person who feels pleasure in producing pain in someone else in a sexual relationship is also capable of enjoying as pleasure any pain which he may himself derive from sexual relations. A sadist is always at the same time a masochist.“

—  Sigmund Freud Austrian neurologist known as the founding father of psychoanalysis 1856 - 1939

"Three Essays On The Theory Of Sexuality" (1905), reprinted in "Essential Papers on Masochism" p.87, edited by Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly, New York University press, New York and London, (1995)

Czeslaw Milosz Foto

„There was a time when only wise books were read
helping us to bear our pain and misery.“

—  Czeslaw Milosz Polish, poet, diplomat, prosaist, writer, and translator 1911 - 2004

"Ars Poetica?"
Kontext: There was a time when only wise books were read
helping us to bear our pain and misery.
This, after all, is not quite the same
as leafing through a thousand works fresh from psychiatric clinics. And yet the world is different from what it seems to be
and we are other than how we see ourselves in our ravings.

John Dryden Foto

„Drinking is the soldier’s pleasure;
Rich the treasure;
Sweet the pleasure;
Sweet is pleasure after pain.“

—  John Dryden English poet and playwright of the XVIIth century 1631 - 1700

Quelle: Alexander’s Feast http://www.bartleby.com/40/265.html (1697), l. 57–60.

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