„You put your hand on Corinne's back like this again and I'm breaking your fingers.“

—  Sylvia Day

Quelle: Reflected in You

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Charles Manson Foto

„Pain's not bad. It's good. It teaches you things. Like when you put your hand in fire: Ow! You know not to do that again.“

—  Charles Manson American criminal and musician 1934 - 2017

Charles Manson's first prison interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbW0agGFv88 by 60 Minutes Australia (1981)

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„You can prick your finger… Just don't finger your prick.“

—  George Carlin American stand-up comedian 1937 - 2008

Class Clown (1972)
Kontext: And the other two-way word is "prick". It's okay if it happens to your finger; yes, you can prick your finger, but don't finger your prick!

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„When you clench your fist, no one can put anything in your hand, nor can your hand pick up anything.“

—  Alex Haley African American biographer, screenwriter, and novelist 1921 - 1992

Quelle: Roots : The Saga of an American Family (1976), Ch. 51.

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