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Sukirti Kandpal

Geburtstag: 20. November 1987

Sukirti Kandpal is an Indian television actress known for her roles in the shows Dill Mill Gayye, Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls. In 2014 she appeared in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai. She was also a contestant on Bigg Boss 8. In 2017, she played the lead in Zee TV's show Kaala Teeka, season 2. Wikipedia

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„I feel it is very important for a person to study as an educated person looks at things differently, is more sharp, sensible and has his own ideology.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On the importance of education https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tv/news/hindi/Im-fine-if-people-call-me-Riddhima/articleshow/3377481.cms/

„I’d like to believe that in the two weeks that I was inside, I conducted myself with dignity. And I wouldn’t be remembered as a contestant who created a scene for TRPs.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On her Bigg Boss-8 stint http://gulfnews.com/life-style/celebrity/desi-news/bollywood/after-bigg-boss-8-sukirti-kandpal-looks-for-work-1.1395192/

„I was busy settling my own life, so it was a welcome break for my family and me. Before that, I had been saying more no's than yes's to the people who approached me. A lot of people told me that I wasn’t doing the right thing, but I think that as I matured, I have become choosier about what I want.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On her 2 year hiatus from acting https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tv/news/hindi/sukriti-kandpal-except-for-supernatural-and-naagin-shows-i-dont-think-much-has-changed-on-tv/articleshow/70315084.cms/

„It’s an honour to get a chance to represent my country on an international level. I will be wearing a sari in during the Indian round. Winning or losing the crown is immaterial for me as participating itself in such a coveted pageant is an achievement.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On participating in Miss India Worldwide 2011 pageant https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tv/news/hindi/Sukirti-took-part-in-a-beauty-pageant/articleshow/8556405.cms/
On participating in Miss India Worldwide 2011 pageant Part-2 https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/tv/news/hindi/Sukirti-From-vampires-to-beauty-pageants/articleshow/8187416.cms/

„My style icon is none other than Grace Kelly. She was not only classy but was also a fantastic woman who had a lot of grace.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On her favourite style icon http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/features/tv-actresses-pick-their-favourite-style-icons-337/

„Some shows get great numbers, others don’t. I don’t get panicky over it. If an actor can’t live with the cyclic nature of our industry, I guess he/she is in the wrong profession.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On TRP of televison shows http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/sukirti-kandpal-says-i-dont-get-panicky-over-trps/

„I have a very good handwriting, and when I was 15 year old I was selected from my college to be a ghost writer in the exams for this girl who had injured her hand. I received a pay check of Rs 2500 and was extremely happy.“

—  Sukirti Kandpal

On her first pay cheque http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/lifestyle/i-am-impulsive-when-it-comes-buying-clothes-and-jewellery-sukirti-kandpal/

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