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Robert Vaughan

Wir wissen nicht, die Identität dieses Autors zu überprüfen, kann es nicht eine berühmte Person können.

Robert Vaughan - uns fehlt eine genauere Beschreibung des Autors.

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„Order Range Wars, now“ The Lawmen

„You know who," Jack said. "I mean Flaire, of course.“ A Distant Bugle

„boots on. We’re goin’ after the devils.“ A Distant Bugle

„Excellence in Western Fiction, is a member of the American Writers Hall of Fame and is a Pulitzer Prize nominee.   Vaughn is also a retired army officer, helicopter pilot with three tours in Vietnam. And received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart, The Bronze Star with three“ The Battle of Badwater

„but there was no way he could hold a target“ Showdown at Comanche Butte

„around, but most of the“ Texas Proud

„You are a very beautiful girl, Rosita,” he said. “Thank you, senor” Rosita answered.“ Texas Proud

„asked, his voice tight.“ The Lawmen

„some time. Been prayin’ for ’im, though. You“ Blood on the Plains

„They did it,” the man said.“ The Law of a Fast Gun

„Now they emerged upon a great prairie, an expanse of rumpled short-grass plains with occasional clumps of trees dimly seen in the distance, like tiny islands in a sea. This was the western border of a scattered belt of forest land, about forty miles in width, which stretched across the country from north to south, from the Arkansas to the Red River. This oddly fashioned landscape was called the Cross Timbers.“ Showdown at Comanche Butte

„romantic ambitions, there wasn’t even such a place for her“ Glory Dust

„series of misadventures“ Glory Dust

„I beg your pardon?” Matt asked innocently.“ Lost Lady of Laramie