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Jack Goldstein

Geburtstag: 27. September 1945
Todesdatum: 14. März 2003

Jack Goldstein war ein amerikanischer Konzept- und Performancekünstler. Er lebte und arbeitete in Kalifornien und New York.

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„Title Page 101 AMAZING FACTS Jack Goldstein“ 101 Amazing Facts

„When man of slender visits you / Nothing on earth that one can do / In well he’ll hide, or watery hole / And he will eat your mortal soul / so if thou seest the man so thin / pray you don’t see him again / for he is not from world we know / he cometh from far down below / on his bed of dirt from grave / from his dank and silent cave / he watches you yet has no sight / he taketh you away at night“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„sea otters hold each other’s paws whilst they are asleep so they don’t drift apart from each other.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„The original title for The Lion King was King of the Jungle - until someone pointed out that Lions don’t actually live in the jungle.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„Mosquitos prefer to bite children rather than adults - and prefer blondes to brunettes! No-one knows why.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„When Slenderman screams, the world will end.“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„Slenderman is looking at you.“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„If a baby stork is not happy with the way it is being reared, it sometimes abandons its parents and wanders into another nearby nest to be fed by a new family!“ 101 Amazing Facts

„The identity of Jack the Ripper is surely one of the all-time classic crime mysteries. In the late 19th Century, the Ripper is believed by general consensus to have committed five murders (although a number of later killings did also bear his hallmarks, and the fifth of the ‘confirmed’ killings still raises a number of doubts). At the time police were stumped, even arresting a man purely on anti-Semitic hearsay before apologising and letting him go. Since then, more than eighty suspects have been proposed, from members of royalty to mad surgeons, and even a suggestion that the Ripper was in fact ‘Jill’ rather than ‘Jack’. The case became muddied when a number of letters were sent to the police; some obvious hoaxes, some in fact likely to have been written in the killer’s own hand. One even included half a kidney (it should be noted that one of the victim’s had a kidney removed at the scene of the attack) with a note saying the other half had been fried and was very nice to eat. Everyone has their own view on who the Ripper was, and why the killings stopped just as suddenly as they began.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„There is a real medical condition for which Japanese tourists are sometimes treated after visiting Paris. It is called Paris Syndrome, and symptoms include depression and nausea due to realising that the city isn’t as beautiful and romantic as they had previously been led to believe.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„The night of September the 14th, 1814, saw heavy bombardment of Baltimore by the British. Despite this, the next morning, the large American flag was still flying undamaged over Fort McHenry. Such a sight made lawyer Francis Scott Key feel extremely patriotic, and he wrote four verses called Defence of Fort McHenry, which he set to the music of To Anacreon in Heaven, a British drinking song. When it was later sold as sheet music, the publishers used a different title for Key’s ditty, and in 1931 it was chosen to be America’s national anthem. Yes - The Star Spangled Banner is based on a British drinking song!“ 101 Amazing Facts

„Property is often left on the trains of the London Underground. Unusual items that have found their way into the lost property office include a coffin, a samurai sword, a stuffed puffer fish and a human skull.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„In possibly one of the cutest facts you will ever read, sea otters hold each other’s paws whilst they are asleep so they don’t drift apart from each other.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„The Beatles were working on an album called Everest (actually named after a brand of cigarettes). When it was suggested they should get the photo for the record cover taken at the actual place the album was named after - and being too lazy to travel to the Himalayas - they renamed it to Abbey Road, which was the street on which their recording studio was.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„When Arthur Weasley has to enter a number into the telephone box to get into the Ministry of Magic, he dials ‘62442’. Press the buttons on your cellphone spelling the word ‘Magic’ and see what you get...“ 101 Amazing Harry Potter Facts

„Using a daring and audacious method, the citizens of Konstanz in Germany managed to prevent allied forces from dropping a single bomb on their city during the Second World War... they left all of their lights on at night! As the city is very close to the border with Switzerland - who were neutral in the war - the allied forces assumed the city was Swiss, and didn’t target it.“ 101 Amazing Facts

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