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Jack Goldstein

Geburtstag: 27. September 1945
Todesdatum: 14. März 2003

Jack Goldstein war ein amerikanischer Konzept- und Performancekünstler. Er lebte und arbeitete in Kalifornien und New York.

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„Title Page 101 AMAZING FACTS Jack Goldstein“ 101 Amazing Facts

„When man of slender visits you / Nothing on earth that one can do / In well he’ll hide, or watery hole / And he will eat your mortal soul / so if thou seest the man so thin / pray you don’t see him again / for he is not from world we know / he cometh from far down below / on his bed of dirt from grave / from his dank and silent cave / he watches you yet has no sight / he taketh you away at night“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„sea otters hold each other’s paws whilst they are asleep so they don’t drift apart from each other.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„Mosquitos prefer to bite children rather than adults - and prefer blondes to brunettes! No-one knows why.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„When Slenderman screams, the world will end.“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„The original title for The Lion King was King of the Jungle - until someone pointed out that Lions don’t actually live in the jungle.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„Slenderman is looking at you.“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„In the early 20th century, one of the most popular visitor attractions in Paris was a human zoo, which millions of people visited every year to see ‘specimens’ from Madagascar, India, China, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and the Congo.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„James Earl Jones, who voices Darth Vader, was so convinced that Star Wars would be a flop that he initially refused to allow his name to be used in the credits.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„show from the last 20 years, look out for a detective by the name of John Munch. Always played by the same man, Richard Belzer, he was originally a character on Homicide: Life on the Street, before joining the cast of Law & Order Special Victims Unit. But there’s more; he has also been seen on episodes of The X-Files, Arrested Development, The Wire, 30 Rock and many more - always the same actor as the same character. Weird, but amazing nonetheless.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„At one point during the war, the Germans built fake airfields out of wood to draw British bombers away from their real targets and to fool the allies into thinking they were strategically more powerful than they actually were. However, the British weren’t fooled - and took the mickey out of the Germans by dropping wooden bombs on the decoys!“ 101 Amazing Facts

„Slenderman can invoke memory loss in all but the most resolute - you could have already had a Slenderman encounter and not remember it.“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„in 1955 the CIA released the whooping cough virus over Tampa, Florida without telling anyone, so they could see how quickly it would spread; they got their data, and twelve innocent civilians died.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„The shortest national anthem in the world is the Japanese one, which only consists of four lines. The Greek anthem on the other hand features an incredible 158 verses.“ 101 Amazing Facts

„When you reach round a dark corner to switch on a light, be careful. Slenderman will often run his finger over the back of your hand. This is the first signal of his interest in you.“ 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts

„During the Second World War, the good people of the great Mosque in Paris looked after many of the city’s Jewish population, supplying them with Muslim identity certificates so they would not be taken away to concentration camps.“ 101 Amazing Facts

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