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J.A. Konrath

Wir wissen nicht, die Identität dieses Autors zu überprüfen, kann es nicht eine berühmte Person können.

J.A. Konrath - uns fehlt eine genauere Beschreibung des Autors.

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„Barry Eisler.“ Bloody Mary

„One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit.“

„If you can quit, quit. If you can't quit, stop complaining - this is what you chose.“

„Sir, this lane is for ten items or less. I’m counting thirteen items in your cart, including that hemorrhoid cream. And while hemorrhoids might give you a reason to be nasty, they don’t give you a reason to be in this lane.“

„We don't know the Devil's side of the story, because God wrote all the books.“ Origin

„Sorry to hear about your Dad."
He shrugged. "He was seventy, and we always told him fast food would kill him."
"Heart attack?"
"He was hit by a Pizza Express truck.“
Whiskey Sour

„Some people are born with a fire inside them. The will to succeed. It isn’t a learned behavior. It’s just some unknown biological factor that makes them try harder.“ The List

„Then I tug the toaster from the wall and swing the appliance around my head like a lasso. I'm not aiming to knock her out. I'm aiming to knock off her fucking head.“ Fuzzy Navel

„There's a word for a writer who never gives up: published.“

„Back in August, I wrote a post about the supposed race to the bottom with ebooks, refuting some nonsense written by an establishment bonehead.

This meme won't die. People are still convinced that new ebooks are going to be priced at ten cents, and writers will starve, and this will cause a second Great Depression where banks will close and people will be forced to buy Kindles with food stamps, and then the earth will enter another ice age where all the bunnies will freeze to death.“

„Fate is a future you didn't try hard enough to change.“

„I wish I was like that. More carefree."

"Anyone can be. People aren't carved out of marble. We're all works in progress. The trick is to define ourselves, rather than let outside influences define us.“
Whiskey Sour

„I’ve got issues?” “You’ve got a whole subscription.“ The List

„I think guns are just a symbolic substitute for male genitalia, and I’m okay in that respect.” “Fine. If they get in the house, you can whack them with your genitals.“ The List

„There's a word for an author who doesn't give up... published.“

„You know, you remind me of my younger brother. I miss that kid, so much that I sometimes regret killing him.“