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Charles F. Stanley

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„Inner Strength Study Guide“ How to Let God Solve Your Problems: 12 Keys for Finding Clear Guidance in Life's Trials

„Helen Keller was blind and deaf when she graduated from college with honors. So what's your problem?“

„Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.“

„We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength.“

„You always have God's undivided attention.“

„Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.“

„[Prayer] is the link between God's inexhaustible resources and people’s needs... God is the source of power, but we are the instrument He uses to link the two together.“

„Behavior is the substance of religion. Belief is the substance of relationship.“ God's Way Day By Day

„It is dangerous for us to allow our difficulties to reside in the forefront of our thinking. Rather, our focus should always remain on our matchless God, who can triumph over any trouble we bring to Him.

When God said no to one blessing, it was so I could experience a greater one later on.

God speaks to you and me through every situation, but hearing Him is dependent upon our anticipating and paying attention to His instruction.

Regardless of the circumstances we experience, we know God is teaching us something, and we will intentionally and eagerly learn and apply whatever it is.

There are many days when I cannot wait to get home and be alone with the Father. I am eager to leave behind all the stresses and decisions, change out of my suit and tie, go into my prayer closet, open God’s Word, and relax in His loving arms. Many times I don’t need to say a word. I simply want to hear from the Lord, experiencing His peaceful wisdom and loving presence. There is nothing better in life than just being with Him.“
The Ultimate Conversation

„We must remember that the shortest distance between our problems and their solutions is the distance between our knees and the floor.“ Handle with Prayer: Unwrap the Source of God's Strength for Living

„Our emotions often stand in direct opposition to our faith in the Lord and what He is achieving for us.“

„Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for.“

„There is no need to go through life handicapped by past experiences. What others say about you doesn’t matter. How they treated you is inconsequential. The only accurate, eternal, unassailable measure of your worth comes from almighty God, who will one day judge the living and the dead without exception (1 Pet. 4:4–5).“ Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth.

„None of us has become perfect (Phil. 3:12). None of us does everything right. None of us is so wise that we always speak the right word or so strong that we always do the right thing. Remembering this keeps us humble.“ The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible, NKJV

„If God has positioned us in a certain place, we must leave all the details to Him.“ God's Solutions for Your Life

„opportunities are always lost when we let fear overrule our faith“