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Betty G. Birney

Wir wissen nicht, die Identität dieses Autors zu überprüfen, kann es nicht eine berühmte Person können.

Betty G. Birney - uns fehlt eine genauere Beschreibung des Autors.

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„Brisbane Versus Becker“ School Days According to Humphrey

„If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have nver been in a dark room with a misquito“

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„(and not in my poo corner)“ Surprises According to Humphrey

„no jokes about my poo.“ Adventure According to Humphrey

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„My poo is just a part of life, but for some reason, it makes children giggle. And it sometimes makes grown-ups nervous. I don’t know why, because I keep my poo FAR-FAR-FAR away from my food“ Adventure According to Humphrey

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