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Geburtstag: 20. Mai 1975

Andrew Gregory Sega , also known as Necros, is an American musician best known for tracking modules in the 1990s demoscene as well as for composing music for several well-known video games. He is currently part of the group Iris and a live member of Stromkern, and has his own recording label known as Diffusion Records. Sega's main solo project is known as The Alpha Conspiracy. Wikipedia

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„I'm starting to realize that touring really involves a lot of waiting around doing nothing.“

—  Andrew Sega

De/Vision + Iris Germany tour diary 2004 http://www.irismusic.com/devision_tour/page1.htm

„There's a big difference between playing shows for fun, and playing shows because you're in desperate need of the money.“

—  Andrew Sega

Electrogarden interview with Iris http://www.electrogarden.com/features/iris/

„Music is nothing but ratios and harmonic math, anyways.“

—  Andrew Sega

Static Line interview, 1998

„One of the issues these days is the sheer amount of music out there to be listened to. There are more bands than one could ever hope to explore.“

—  Andrew Sega

Connexion Bizarre interview, 2007 http://www.connexionbizarre.net/interviews/diffusion-records-an-interview-with-andrew-sega/

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