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Abigail Thorn

Geburtstag: 24. April 1993

Abigail Thorn is a British actress and YouTuber who produces the channel Philosophy Tube.

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„Ideologies are like arseholes: everyone's got one, we use it every day, but you very rarely look at your own unless something's gone wrong.“

—  Abigail Thorn

Quelle: Jordan Peterson's Ideology | Philosophy Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m81q-ZkfBm0, 09.04.2021

„On Philosophy Tube, I call all the shots, I do all the writing, I do all the research. I plan it all out, and it's my show. I miss the feeling of being at the bottom and having to climb up again.“

—  Abigail Thorn

Quelle: Meet Abigail Thorn, the trans philosopher who wants to kill James Bond https://www.insider.com/abigail-thorn-interview-philosophy-tube-kill-james-bond-podcast-2021-8, 21 August 202

„I look inside myself and I ask, "Do I feel like a man or a woman?" And the answer is... I feel happy.“

—  Abigail Thorn

Quelle: Identity: A Trans Coming Out Story: Philosophy Tube ★ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AITRzvm0Xtg, 30.01.2021

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